03 January 2016

JTOWN: I Am Not Imitating Nicki Minaj, Joleeta Replies Fans..

Joleeta Aaron Damap

You can’t talk about Divas in Jos (Jtown) without mentioning Joleeta Aaro Damap a sensational RnB singer, songwriter, performer, model and a writer. Joleeta Aaron Damap who prefers to be called JoleetaDiva was born in the early 1990s, to a father who is also a musician. This beautiful, charming, performer and songwriter is from Mangu local government area of Plateau State.

Joleeta started music officially in 2011, with a distinct style of mixing soul with hip hop and reggae. She recorded and released her first single “For You To Say” in 2012. Her second  single’ Specially for Naija ‘was released in 2013. Joleeta also released her third single ‘Spend You Dou’ in 2014.
In this EXCLUSIVE interview with Frank’s blog, Joleeta tries to address issues surrounding  her dress pattern and lifestyle that came up on social media…..
There is this article online where some of your fans refer to you as a snub. What do you have to say?
I feel most people get this vibe because they hardly get to meet ad know me. I am naturally quiet and reserved from birth, and I guess they always mistake that for snubbing. It is funny to hear some of my fans say that I am a snub because I haven’t achieved 1% of what I will do in the entertainment industry, so why would I even start snubbing at this early stage? It doesn’t make sense. However, my fans and friends are my number one, so if the say I snub, there is a problem somewhere. It is my job to address it and we will all be good.
Another issue raised was your pattern of dressing. Are you in anyway copying Nicki Minaj?
I am very original in my dressing. I never try to copy anyone but this is something that will come to bare with time. Everyone who knows me would know that I never try to go with any trend or another person’s style, no matter the person.
 Who or what inspired the way you dress?
Up until now I never thought about that. I guess I just always do my thing, because I always do what I want.
 Some of your fans are complaining about your photos that you tend to be portraying nudity. What is the concept behind your photo shots?
I guess I am going back to how we Africans used to dress before Western Civilization. I am an African woman. I am an artist, I always want to share anything that I find artistic with my people, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone understands it or is cool with it. 

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