05 January 2016

I Never Dated Jtown Comedian Osama Akpunonu---Joleeta


Jtown’s No 1 Diva Joleeta was in the news two days back when we brought to you her reply to fans who accused her of trying so hard to imitate the lifestyle of US rapper NICKI MINAJ.
Today, Joleeta is in the news to clear the air about her purported relationship with Jtown based Comedian Osama Akpunonu . In this EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with FRANK’S BLOG, the Diva responded to questions raised by her fans about her Love life.

Sometime early last year it was speculated  that were dating Osama. How true is this?

 Laughs…… I was close to him and there was some attraction but no dating ever happened. Frank, Osama is my boss and has being supportive to me ever since I met him. Like I said earlier, nothing romantic ever happened.
What do you mean by some attraction?
Laughs… Uhmmm….One of us was attracted to the other. I won’t like to say who but we decided to keep it as friends. To protect interests I can’t reveal who was attracted to whom. You know that two of us are involved, I don’t know if he wants it to be revealed.
There was this photo you took with Osama that got people talking on social media. What inspired that photo?
We took the photo when we were talking about the performance after his show. I actually took the shot.
Why did you delete the photo from Facebook?
I just decided to….. Can’t really remember why…
Who do you admire among Jtown male artists?
Laughs….hmmmm…. I admire MIXER. This dude is humble and hardworking…
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Yeah ….. I used to but not anymore because I have experienced otherwise.
What do you mean by you have experienced otherwise?
I feel for the love at first sight thing and I got to realize that the guy wasn’t who I thought he was
Are you currently seeing anyone?
No, I am not. I am taking it slow this time. My mind is not really on relationships and no one has been able to make me interested in it….
On a lighter note I think I should try my luck?
I want to send my shout out to my fans, family and friends. LOVE YOU GUYS…

I had a nice interview session with Jtown’s No 1 Diva Joleeta.  We now know that there was nothing romantic going on between the Diva and the ace comedian Osama it was strictly business..


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